music from the band 'Undertow' (later U-Tow), and some things I made at home.       ( with PC and Yamaha AW44-16 HD recorder)

special thanks to:
-Rodney Werleman(drums)
-Marcel Remmig(bass)
-Hugo Sipkes(git)
-Lawrence Payne(voc)

I really enjoyed doing all recordings and mixes, mainly with Cubase, some additions with Reason.

I like composing, playing and recording, and love to have feedback of any kind, tnx in advance.

MaxdB (aka: Marco den Bakker)


May 13th, 2006 + 5:05 PM  ·  MaxdB

not much more yet..

Beer and chocolat

June 21st, 2017 + 7:06 AM  ·  MaxdB

Just to have a fun time. recorded in one day, mixed another day.
Dutch lyrics with no intention at all.

Drive my car

May 20th, 2017 + 5:05 PM  ·  MaxdB

My last noodle, thought I had to upload it here to keep things complete :P

Its been quite a while, still thinking back with a smile


March 25th, 2015 + 7:03 PM  ·  MaxdB

the title defines it all,

simplicity was a keyword while composing it, then I took it to the Band (Daizy Bell),
this is just the first rehearsal, and me fooling around with my new synth (old roland rs-50)

upload only for constructive comments and opinions how to make it a worlwide  Nr.1 Hit...

Or just how you like it or dont

A Forest cover

November 23rd, 2013 + 6:11 AM  ·  MaxdB

Daizy Bell rehearsal multitrack recording

vox and overheads are on same tracks, ran out of cables
everything else on separate tracks in one take

far from perfect but I think the atmosphere is nice though?

kick off

November 9th, 2013 + 4:11 AM  ·  MaxdB

Next week 16 november we are having our first gig, for me it will be the first in 10 years, hope were ready

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